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Step into the realm of refined beauty with vandamor’s Cosmetics Collection. Our bespoke range of makeup essentials is designed for the modern connoisseur who values both quality and glamour. Each product in this collection is a celebration of innovation, blending rich pigments with nourishing ingredients to create a seamless and indulgent experience.
Within our collection lies a symphony of colors for every skin tone, from velvety foundations that create a flawless canvas to luscious lip colors that speak volumes. Our meticulously formulated eyeshadows and blushes offer a spectrum of possibilities, enabling you to enhance your natural beauty or make a bold statement.
vandamor stands at the intersection of luxury and responsibility, ensuring that every item is as kind to your skin as it is to the environment. We invite you to indulge in cosmetics that not only make you look radiant but feel extraordinary. With vandamor’s Cosmetics Collection, unleash the power of your beauty.

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Save $22.94Waterproof Eyeshadow Shimmer Stick - 10 colors
Waterproof Eyeshadow Shimmer Stick - 10 colors Sale priceFrom $22.05 USD Regular price$44.99 USD

10 colors available

Save $500.00VANDAMOR™ Red Infrared Light Therapy Mat for Whole Body
VANDAMOR™ Red Infrared Light Therapy Mat for Whole Body Sale price$799.00 USD Regular price$1,299.00 USD