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Light Therapy

Step into a world of illumination with our Light Therapy Collection, your sanctuary for skin enlightenment and body rejuvenation. Each piece in our collection is a beacon of innovation, designed to bathe your skin in the restorative powers of light.

Our carefully curated selection harnesses the spectrum of light to address a myriad of concerns. From red light's collagen-boosting warmth, promising to iron out fine lines and restore youthfulness, to the deep-penetrating near-infrared rays that alleviate pain and inflammation, every therapy session is a step towards optimal health.

With devices that cater to the face, neck, and the entire body, our collection brings the future of skincare into your home. Whether seeking a radiant complexion, relief from muscular tension, or a boost in overall wellness, our Light Therapy Collection offers a non-invasive, cutting-edge solution.

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Save $30.04Vandamor™ Micro-Glow Facial
Vandamor™ Micro-Glow Facial Sale price$36.95 USD Regular price$66.99 USD
Save $41.00Vandamor™ 5 In 1 Hair Revive Comb
Vandamor™ 5 In 1 Hair Revive Comb Sale price$49.99 USD Regular price$90.99 USD
Save $500.00VANDAMOR™ Red Infrared Light Therapy Mat for Whole Body
VANDAMOR™ Red Infrared Light Therapy Mat for Whole Body Sale price$799.00 USD Regular price$1,299.00 USD