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Garden Claw Gloves

Garden Claw Gloves

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 Introducing our Claw Gardening Gloves, the ultimate tool for all your gardening needs. These innovative gloves combine comfort and functionality, featuring built-in claws that make planting, digging, and raking easier than ever. Perfect as a gift for gardening enthusiasts, these gloves are designed to provide maximum efficiency and protection.

Built-In Claws:

  • Enhanced Functionality: Durable ABS plastic claws for easy digging and planting.
  • Multi-Purpose Use: Ideal for gardening tasks such as planting, raking, and weeding.

Durable and Comfortable:

  • High-Quality Materials: Made from breathable and stretchy fabric for a snug fit.
  • Water-Resistant: Keeps your hands dry and clean during gardening activities.

Ergonomic Design:

  • Comfort Fit: Designed to fit comfortably on women's hands.
  • Flexible: Allows for a full range of motion while protecting your hands from dirt and injuries.


  • Material: Breathable fabric with ABS plastic claws
  • Color: Green and black
  • Size: One size fits most
  • Weight: Lightweight for ease of use


  • Efficiency: Built-in claws make gardening tasks quicker and easier.
  • Protection: Shields your hands from dirt, cuts, and abrasions.
  • Comfort: Ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit for extended use.
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